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How to file a Complaint with the Division

Consumer Complaint Form
Please Note: You must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to download and view this document.

Please read through the following instructions before downloading the Consumer Complaint Form.

  1. Determine that your complaint is properly before the division. In general, the division has been given the authority to address the following types of cases:
    1. Claims based on deceptive business practices; and
    2. Claims against a business that is regulated by the division, i.e. Charitable Organizations, Credit Service Organization (Credit Repair). Debt-Management Service Provider, Health Spas, Post Secondary Proprietary Schools, Sellers of Business Opportunities or Franchises, or Telemarketers.

    By contrast, the division does not have the authority to address the following types of cases:
    1. Transactions that are not consumer transactions;
    2. Contract disputes that do not involve deceptive practices; and
    3. Complaints that are based on credit terms of a transaction.
    If you are unable to determine what type of case you have, click on Utah Consumers’ Resource Guide.  This guide will direct you to those agencies that may best be able to help you.  Or, you may contact us with your questions by mail or telephone.  However, please be aware that we cannot give you legal advice regarding your rights.  You should contact an attorney for that advice.
  2. The Consumer Complaint Form can be completed on your computer and then printed or you can download the blank form and write or type the requested information.  Please make sure that the information you provide to us is accurate and complete.  In particular, please make sure your contact information is complete so that we are able to contact you.
  3. Copies of supporting documents must be enclosed with the completed Consumer Complaint Form.  These documents include your contract, warranties, invoices, cancelled checks or other documentary evidence that you may have.  If you fail to provide us with these copies, our ability to help you will be delayed if not undermined.
  4. Send your completed Consumer Complaint Form with your supporting document to:
            Division of Consumer Protection
            160 East 300 South, 2nd Floor
            P.O. Box 146704
            Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-6704
            OR by fax to: (801) 530-6001


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